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> Hmm. IMO, that could happen even with the current statement timeout
> implementation as well.
> Or we could start/stop the timeout in exec_execute_message() only. This
> could avoid the problem above. Also this is more consistent with
> log_duration/log_min_duration_statement behavior than now.

I think it's better to include Parse and Bind as now.  Parse or Bind could take 
long time when the table has many partitions, the query is complex and/or very 
long, some DDL statement is running against a target table, or the system load 
is high.

Firing statement timeout during or after many Parses is not a problem, because 
the first Parse started running some statement and it's not finished.  Plus, 
Andres confirmed that major client drivers don't use such a pattern.  There may 
be an odd behavior purely from the perspective of E.Q.P, that's a compromise, 
which Andres meant by "not perfect but."

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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