On 2017/04/18 15:31, Kang Yuzhe wrote:
> My question is why is that there is a lot of hands-on about PG application
> development(eg. connecting to PG using JAVA/JDBC) but almost nothing about
> PG hacking hands-on lessons. For example, I wanna add the keyword
> "Encrypted" in CREATE TABLE t1(a int, b int encrypted) or CREATE TABLE t1(a
> int, b int) encrypted. Alas, its not easy task.

Regarding this part, at one of the links shared above [1], you can find
presentations with hands-on instructions about how to implement a new SQL
functionality by modifying various parts of the source code.  See these:

Implementing a TABLESAMPLE clause (by Neil Conway)

Add support for the WHEN clause to the CREATE TRIGGER statement (by Neil

(by Gavin Sherry)

Handout: The Implementation of TABLESAMPLE

Handout: Adding WHEN clause to CREATE TRIGGER

Some of the details might be dated, because they were written more than 10
years ago, but will definitely get you motivated to dive more into the
source code.


[1] http://www.neilconway.org/talks/hacking/

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