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Hello Simon,
The journey that caused and is causing me a lot of pain is finding my way
in PG development.
Complex Code Reading like PG. Fully understanding the science of DBMS
Engines: Query Processing, Storage stuff, Transaction Management and so

Anyway as you said, the rough estimation towards any expertise seems to be
in abidance with by The 10,000 Hour Rule. I will strive based on this rule.

Start with not top-posting on the mailing list ;)

For now, would please tell me how to know the exact PG version to which a
specific patch was developed?
Given x patch, how do I know the specific PG version it was developed for?

If it a was created by git format-patch then the base git revision will be
shown. This may be a commit from postgres public tree that you can find
with 'git branch --contains'.

Otherwise look at the proposed commit message if any, in the patch header.
Or the email it was attached to. If all else fails guess based on the date.

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