On 04/18/2017 03:41 AM, Kang Yuzhe wrote:
> But almost nothing about The Internals of PostgreSQL:
> 1. The Internals of PostgreSQL:
> http://www.interdb.jp/pg/index.html  translated from Japanese Book
> 2. PostgreSQL数据库内核分析(Chinese) Book on the Internals of PostgreSQL:
> 3. PG Docs/site
> 4. some here and there which are less useful

I agree that this is an area where more material would be very welcome,
and not only to newcomers. #1 is useful as far as it goes, but the
missing bits (esp. Query Processing) are critical.

> Lastly, I have come to understand that PG community is not
> harsh/intimidating to newbies and thus, I am feeling at home.

Glad you have found it so.



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