Robert Treat wrote:
> the whole discussion is based on how do we get big projects done when no
> one is motivated to work on 'foo' until there faced with a deadline; 
> this idea puts the pressure on 'foo' developers from the get go. i'm not
> saying this a guaranteed way to solve that problem but i think it is a
> possible solution. i'm sure there will be big projects most people don't
> care about (win32) and big projects most people would like (replication)
> so the amount of like or dislike of the idea would be relative in
> practice, the key question is would this actually motivate folks more to
> get big projects finished faster? since there are only a handful of
> folks who fall into that category they can decide for themselves, and if
> it wouldn't motivate them, then the question can be asked again, what
> would?

I can confirm that there are several people working on Win32/PITR right
now, maybe four, that wouldn't if we hadn't set the beta freeze at July
1 --- so such pressure is a real motivator --- though certainly this
isn't the way we want to motivate developers.

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