> If you mean the one that comes with PostgreSQL, then I think the MySQL
> test is better.  The PostgreSQL test seems to focus more on extensions
> than anything else.

What the?  It tests no extensions.  The extensions have their own
regression tests.

> Most of the criticism leveled at their efforts sound like fearful hand
> waving to me.  True, I have not studied the test as carefully as others
> have.  But the PostgreSQL test is not superior to the MySQL test.  I
> have put considerable effort into the PostgreSQL regression test.  We
> achieved 100% success on the Win32 platform, including dynamic loading
> of functions.

Notice that it tests absulutely no parallel functionality, whereas
PostgreSQL tests things in parallel to check for concurrency problems:

"Note that this benchmark is single threaded, so it measures the minimum
time for the operations. We plan to in the future add a lot of
multi-threaded tests to the benchmark suite. "

It's said that for at least 4 years now.

Crash-me has nothing to do with testing, it jsut checks to see what
features a db supports:

"crash-me tries to determine what features a database supports and what
its capabilities and limitations are by actually running queries. For
example, it determines:

What column types are supported
How many indexes are supported
What functions are supported
How big a query can be
How big a VARCHAR column can be"

Obviously it has nothing to do with can I index every type in the system,
can I use the index to look up a set of test values, etc., etc.


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