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> On 5/5/17 08:43, David Rowley wrote:
> > How about we get the ball rolling on this in v10 and pull that part
> > out of the docs. If anything that'll buy us a bit more wiggle room to
> > change this in v11.
> >
> > I've attached a proposed patch.
> If we just tell them that the thing they might have relied on might go
> away, without a replacement to suggest, then we're just confusing and
> scaring them, no?

​We'd end up suggesting our OFFSET 0 hack as true protection.  If they know
for a fact that their use of CTE for its barrier properties is not
supported they are also more likely to document intentional usage with
something like:   "-- CHANGE THIS ONCE VERSION 11 IS RELEASED!!! --" which
would make finding the call sites that need to add the new "MATERIALIZED"
​keyword much easier.

David J.

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