Kevin Jacobs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Attached is a patch that removes all of the RExec code from plpython from
> the current PostgreSQL CVS.  In addition, plpython needs to be changed to an
> untrusted language in createlang.

I am inclined to rename plpython to plpythonu, by analogy to pltclu.
The advantage of doing so is that (a) the name change makes it somewhat
more obvious that there's a fundamental behavioral change, and (b)
assuming that the Python folk someday figure out a secure version of
RExec, we'd want to reinstitute the trusted version of plpython, but
perhaps not take away the untrusted one.

On the other hand, this would create headaches for people who are trying
to load dump files that declare plpython or contain plpython-language
functions.  I can't think of any non-kluge solution to this (kluge
solutions would include putting special-case code into CREATE FUNCTION
to change 'plpython' to 'plpythonu' ...)


                        regards, tom lane

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