On Sun, 22 Jun 2003, Tom Lane wrote:
> Kevin Jacobs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Attached is a patch that removes all of the RExec code from plpython from
> > the current PostgreSQL CVS.  In addition, plpython needs to be changed to an
> > untrusted language in createlang.
> I am inclined to rename plpython to plpythonu, by analogy to pltclu.

In 7.4, I would do this.  In the next 7.3.x release, I would leave the name
as is, but still make plpython untrusted.  It will cause some problems, but
safety and integrity are more important here.  After all, the alternative is
to drop the PL entirely.

> On the other hand, this would create headaches for people who are trying
> to load dump files that declare plpython or contain plpython-language
> functions.  I can't think of any non-kluge solution to this (kluge
> solutions would include putting special-case code into CREATE FUNCTION
> to change 'plpython' to 'plpythonu' ...)

Allowing both plpython and plpythonu to be added as separate languages
should be sufficient.  This way, we effectively deprecate plpython, or at
least defer its final removal until the restricted execution problem can be
solved.  I hope to start looking into exactly what needs to be done to
restore that functionality in the next few weeks.


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