Tom Lane kirjutas E, 30.06.2003 kell 06:39:
> Hannu Krosing <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Tom Lane kirjutas E, 30.06.2003 kell 01:21:
> >> Who's still using 1.5, I guess is the question?  And are they likely
> >> to be updating their PG installation when they're not updating Python?
> > I guess that anyone who needs safe Restricted Execution will be using
> > 1.5 at least for that purpose until RExec is fixed in 2.x.
> I don't find that real compelling ...
> The bottom line is that this has to get done.  I have the time to
> convert plpython to untrusted status tomorrow.  I do not have the time,
> the infrastructure, nor the interest to build a conditional setup.
> Unless someone else wants to volunteer to make it happen in a timely
> fashion, untrusted is what it will be.

Fine with me.

Just don't put in any hacks to pretend it is trusted.


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