On 05/30/2017 09:52 PM, Stephen Frost wrote:

Um ... but we still have 2 live pre-9.4 branches.  If your proposal
doesn't extend to back-porting all of this stuff as far as 9.2,
I don't see what this is really buying.  We'd still need version cutoff
checks in the tests.

I don't believe the explicit goal of this is to remove the version
checks but rather to provide improved testing coverage in our
back-branches.  If we have to keep a version cutoff check for that, so
be it.


(If you *do* propose back-patching all this stuff as far as 9.2, I'm not
quite sure what I'd think about that.  But the proposal as stated seems
like questionable half measures.)

I find that to be an extremely interesting idea, for my own 2c, but I'm
not sure how practical it is.
It is perfectly reasonable to say, "We have added comprehensive testing through the TAP project. Unfortunately, it is only reasonable (due to code changes) to back port them from 9.4 and above."

*IF* we were to try to go back farther than 9.4, I would say that 9.3 is the only one that would be worth it anyway. 9.2 was a great release but it's day is over or at least it is a spectacle of a setting sun:




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