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Thoughts? Backpatch new TAP methods, etc, into back branches routinely?


 When customers start to doubt that, then they
become reluctant to apply new minor versions in their entirety and ask
for individual commits to be cherry-picked, or just don't upgrade at

This may be true, on the other hand that isn't .Org's problem. Customers are CMD, EDB, 2Qs problem. .Org's problem is: How do we ensure the best possible result for PostgreSQL.

I think comprehensive testing (which I am sure you agree) is bullet point on that list.

One could argue that commits to the testing framework shouldn't
make customers nervous, but what people should be worried about and
what they are actually worried about do not always match.  It is
useful to be able to show a customer a list of things that were done
in a minor release and see nothing in there that can be described as
optional tinkering.

This is about narrative. You don't say "optional tinkering". You say, "Initiate code modification for comprehensive TAP (testing) framework".

That makes customers knees weak and they swoon.

back-patching (to avoid churning a supposedly-stable branch).  I'm not
sure exactly what I think about this issue, but I'm very skeptical of
the idea that back-patching less conservatively will have no

There is never not a downside. The question is, "Does the upside outweigh the downside?". In this case I would argue it is fairly obvious.



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