On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 4:25 PM, Kevin Grittner <kgri...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Nice as it would be to add a SQL standard feature and advance the
> effort to get to incremental maintenance of materialized views, and
> much as I really appreciate the efforts Thomas has put into trying
> to solve these problems, I agree that it is best to revert the
> feature.  It took years to get an in-depth review, then I was asked
> not to commit it because others were working on patches that would
> conflict.  That just doesn't leave enough time to address these
> issues before release.  Fundamentally, I'm not sure that there is a
> level of interest sufficient to support the effort.

I find it a little unfair that you are blaming the community for not
taking enough interest in this feature when other people are posting
bug fixes for the feature which you can't find time to review (or even
respond to with an i'm-too-busy email) for lengthy periods of time.
Previously, I took the time to review and commit fixes for several
reported fixes which Thomas developed, while you ignored all of the
relevant threads.  Now, he's posted another patch which you said you
would review by last Friday or at the latest by Monday and which you
have not reviewed.  He's also suggested that the fix for this issue
probably relies on that one, so getting that patch reviewed is
relevant to this thread also.

I think I'd like to walk back my earlier statements about reverting
this patch just a little bit.  Although putting the tuplestore at the
wrong level does seem like a fairly significant design mistake, Thomas
more or less convinced me yesterday on a Skype call that relocating it
to the ModifyTable node might not be that much work.  If it's a
150-line patch, it'd probably be less disruptive to install a fix than
to revert the whole thing (and maybe put it back in again, in some
future release).  On the other hand, if you aren't willing to write,
review, or commit any further patches to fix bugs in this feature,
then it can really only stay in the tree if somebody else is willing
to assume completely responsibility for it going forward.

So, are you willing and able to put any effort into this, like say
reviewing the patch Thomas posted, and if so when and how much?  If
you're just done and you aren't going to put any more work into
maintaining it (for whatever reasons), then I think you should say so
straight out.  People shouldn't have to guess whether you're going to
maintain your patch or not.

Robert Haas
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