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>> That's another way to go, but it requires inventing a way to thread
>> the IV through the hash opclass interface.
> Only if we really want to do it really well :P. Using a hash_combine()
> like
> /*
>  * Combine two hash values, resulting in another hash value, with decent bit
>  * mixing.
>  *
>  * Similar to boost's hash_combine().
>  */
> static inline uint32
> hash_combine(uint32 a, uint32 b)
> {
>         a ^= b + 0x9e3779b9 + (a << 6) + (a >> 2);
>         return a;
> }
> between hash(IV) and the hashfunction should do the trick (the IV needs
> to hashed once, otherwise the bit mix is bad).

That seems pretty lame, although it's sufficient to solve the
immediate problem, and I have to admit to a certain predilection for
things that solve the immediate problem without creating lots of
additional work.

>> We could:
>> - Invent a new hash_partition AM that doesn't really make indexes but
>> supplies hash functions for hash partitioning.
>> - Add a new, optional support function 2 to the hash AM that takes a
>> value of the type *and* an IV as an argument.
>> - Something else.
> Not arguing for it, but one option could also have pg_type.hash*
> function(s).

True.  That is a bit less configurable because you can't then have
multiple functions for the same type.  Going through the opclass
interface means you can have hash_portable_ops and hash_fast_ops and
let people choose.  But this would be easy to implement and enough for
most people in practice.

> One thing that I think might be advisable to think about is that we're
> atm stuck with a relatively bad hash function for hash indexes (and hash
> joins/aggs), and we should probably evolve it at some point. At the same
> time there's currently people out there relying on the current hash
> functions remaining stable.

That to me is a bit of a separate problem.

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