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It appears that your patch conflicts with fc49e24f.  Please, rebase it.

Yes, i had rebased it, Please check the new patch. 

Good, now it applies cleanly.

else if (strncmp(path, XLOGDIR"/", strlen(XLOGDIR"/")) == 0 &&
 IsXLogFileName(path + strlen(XLOGDIR"/")) &&
 (strcmp(path + strlen(XLOGDIR"/") + 8, divergence_wal_filename + 8) < 0 ||
  strcmp(path + strlen(XLOGDIR"/") + 8, last_source_wal_filename + 8) > 0))

According to our conding style, you should leave a space betwen XLOGDIF and "/".
Also, you do a trick by comparison xlog segment numbers using strcmp().  It's 
nice, but I would prefer seeing XLogFromFileName() here.  It would improve code 
readability and be less error prone during further modifications.

Alexander Korotkov
Postgres Professional: http://www.postgrespro.com
The Russian Postgres Company

Thanks for advice!
I had modified it.

Best Regards,
Chen Huajun

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