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> Great.  Now code of this patch looks good for me.
> However, we forgot about documentation.
>   <para>
>>    The result is equivalent to replacing the target data directory with
>> the
>>    source one. Only changed blocks from relation files are copied;
>>    all other files are copied in full, including configuration files. The
>>    advantage of <application>pg_rewind</> over taking a new base backup,
>> or
>>    tools like <application>rsync</>, is that <application>pg_rewind</>
>> does
>>    not require reading through unchanged blocks in the cluster. This makes
>>    it a lot faster when the database is large and only a small
>>    fraction of blocks differ between the clusters.
>>   </para>
> At least, this paragraph need to be adjusted, because it states whose
> files are copied.  And probably latter paragraphs whose state about WAL
> files.
> Your are rigth.
> I wrote a draft as following, but i'm afraid whether the english statement
> is accurate.

I'm not native english speaker too :(

Only the WAL files between the point of divergence and the current WAL
> insert location of the source server are copied, *for* other WAL files are
> useless for the target server.

I'm not sure about this usage of word *for*.  For me, it probably should be
just removed.  Rest of changes looks good for me.  Please, integrate them
into the patch.

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