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OK.  That makes sense.  Thank you for the explanation.

I still have some minor comments.
+    * Save the WAL filenames of the divergence and the current WAL insert
+    * location of the source server. Later only the WAL files between those
+    * would be copied to the target data directory.

Comment is outdated.  We don't save filenames anymore, now we save segment 
+    * Note:The later generated WAL files in the source server before the end
+    * of the copy of the data files must be made available when the target
+    * server is started. This can be done by configuring the target server as
+    * a standby of the source server.
+    */

You miss space after "Note:".  Also, it seems reasonable for me to leave empty 
line before "Note:".

# Setup parameter for WAL reclaim 

Parameter*s*, because you're setting up multiple of them.

# The accuracy of imodification from pg_ls_waldir() is seconds, so sleep one 

One second without "s".

Also, please check empty lines in 006_wal_copy.pl to be just empty lines 
without tabs.

Thanks for your comments, i had fix above problems.
And also add several line breaks at long line in 006_wal_copy.pl
Please check this patch again.

Sorry, patch v6 did not remove tabs in two empty lines, please use the new one.

Best Regards,
Chen Huajun

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