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> On 10/31/17 16:50, Pavel Stehule wrote:
> > Not sure if disabling RETURN is good idea. I can imagine so optional
> > returning something like int status can be good idea. Cheaper than
> > raising a exception.
> We could allow a RETURN without argument in PL/pgSQL, if you just want
> to exit early.  That syntax is currently not available, but it should
> not be hard to add.
> I don't understand the point about wanting to return an int.  How would
> you pass that around, since there is no declared return type?

We can create auto session variable STATUS. This variable can be 0 if
procedure was returned without explicit RETURN value. Or it can hold
different value specified by RETURN expr.

This value can be read by GET DIAGNOSTICS xxx = STATUS

or some similar.

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