On 11/6/17 16:27, Simon Riggs wrote:
> You mention PARALLEL SAFE is not used for procedures. Isn't it an
> architectural restriction that procedures would not be able to execute
> in parallel? (At least this year)

I'm not sure what you are referring to here.  I don't think the
functionality I'm proposing does anything in parallel or has any
interaction with it.

> I think we need an explanatory section of the docs, but there doesn't
> seem to be one for Functions, so there is no place to add some text
> that says the above.
> I found it confusing that ALTER and DROP ROUTINE exists but not CREATE
> ROUTINE. At very least we should say somewhere "there is no CREATE
> ROUTINE", so its absence is clearly intentional. I did wonder whether
> we should have it as well, but its just one less thing to review, so
> good.

I'll look for a place to add some documentation around this.

> Was surprised that pg_dump didn't use DROP ROUTINE, when appropriate.

It's not clear to me why that would be preferred.

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