Tom Lane wrote:
> "Dave Page" <> writes:
>>> Actually, my gripe about this one is that it wasn't detected
>>> promptly. That patch went in two weeks ago; we should have known
>>> about 
>>> the problem
>>> within a couple days at most.  Seems like the Windows members of the
>>> buildfarm don't run often enough.  The whole point of the buildfarm
>>> is to spot problems while the code is still fresh in mind, no?
>> I think that speaks for the current usage of the cygwin port. Snake
>> runs native builds daily, but like Magnus and his dev box there's no
>> way I'm letting Cygwin anywhere near it. Istr that the only vaguely
>> active Cygwin member is Andrew's laptop.
> Well, "lack of interest" is certainly adequate reason to decommission
> a port.  If we can't find anyone who cares enough about Cygwin to
> host a regularly-scheduled buildfarm member, I'm for blowing it off.
What all's needed on the host for this?

I might be able to use either my house machine or my work desktop 
here @pervasive, or one of my test boxes here @pervasive.

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