I'm starting to have second thoughts about this suggestion. I was enthusiastic about it at the summit, but I was unaware of the sheer size of PL/Java. 38,000 lines of code is 8% of the total size of Postgresql ... for *one* PL.

Dave Cramer acquainted me with some of the difficulties of doing a Java PL today, and I understand why it needs to be that large. However, 38,000 lines of code -- much of it in a non-C language -- presents a possible debugging/maintenance major headache, especially if you someday left the project for some reason.

Maybe we do need to look at a plug-in build tool, instead.

Perhaps it's no surprise that I disagree when you say PL/J could be considered in the same light as PL/Java. Then again, I'm fairly biased ;-)

This attitude does you no credit, Thomas.

--Josh Berkus

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