"Jonah H. Harris" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I don't believe anyone has offered any suggestions or good
> alternatives other than what we have now; keeping high-profile
> projects like PL/Java on gborg/pgfoundry (which sucks IMHO).

This is really the whole issue right here: you want a monolithic "core"
distribution.  I cannot begin to list the number of things wrong with
that approach, but suffice it to say that that's not the way PostgreSQL
is moving.  We are getting larger and we need to cater to having lots of
sub-projects.  A "core" distro containing everything that's reasonably
popular will eventually collapse of its own weight.

The right way to proceed is what was mentioned in another message: work
harder at educating packagers about which non-core projects are worth
including in their packages.  I have to confess contributing to the
problem, as I'm not currently including eg. Slony in the Red Hat RPMs.
I certainly should be --- but "fixing" that by pushing Slony into the
core PG distro is not a solution.

                        regards, tom lane

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