On 7/7/06 10:13 AM, "Bruce Momjian" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> There are roughly three weeks left until the feature freeze on August 1.
> If people are working on items, they should be announced before August
> 1, and the patches submitted by August 1.  If the patch is large, it
> should be discussed now and an intermediate patch posted to the lists
> soon.

On-disk bitmap index access method coming in about 1 week.

Multi-column index support is being worked more and will be disabled in the
patch first submitted, but could be enabled before code freeze.

There is a new directory for the access method and some changes to the
executor nodes that currently do bitmap operations, so brace for a large-ish
chunk of code.

Do we have a reviewer available?  Volunteers?

- Luke

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