On Thu, 13 Jul 2006, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

No matter what we want people to do, if someone wants PostgreSQL, they
go to PostgreSQL's site, download PostgreSQL, and install PostgreSQL.
The fact is, most people generally don't read the, "don't see it in
the distribution, check out pgfoundry"-like text.  Sure, people should
read the docs, but most don't until they have to (which is long after
getting the software).  Do we even have anything in the actual manual
that talks about gborg or pgfoundry?

Ahh no.

Most people who want PostgreSQL use the version supplied by their vendor, unless it is Win32 in which case they download the installer from PgFoundry.

Agreed ... I never download from ftp unless I need an older version then is provided in FreeBSD ports ... and I have a few clients that won't even *touch* the source code, but will only install the version that their OS vendor provides, for support reasons ...

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