I believe it was Lukas who mentioned elsewhere, this is not a vendor nuetral project. I actually am already working on a adding a list of os/package options to the download page based on other feedback, are people comfortable allowing mammothpostgresql to go on that list? (I wouldn't be mainly because I don't see a clear distinction between it and things like mammoth replicator)

The distinction is that mammoth postgresql doesn't have replication :). It is fairly clear on the website.

All the links on the CMD website take you directly to www.mammothpostgresql.org which very clearly states:

Mammoth PostgreSQL is a business and developer complete PostgreSQL Distribution. Based on PostgreSQL 8.1.4, Mammoth PostgreSQL is designed to provide all the software you need to use PostgreSQL in your environment. The distribution is 100% F/OSS sofware with the exclusion of Mammoth Replicator which can be purchased separately.


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