Peter Eisentraut wrote:
Joshua D. Drake wrote:
PLRuby is written in C.

Specifically on the matter of PL/Ruby -- and if you're trying to be such an advocate about it, you should at least spell it right -- I have never seen the author particularly active within this community, so I have my doubts whether the development processes will integrate well. In fact, shouldn't the inclusion request come from the author in the first place?

That is a good point. However in this case, it was CMD that worked with the Author to change the license, specifically for this case. I don't think the author really had any intent of submitting it until we approached him.

From a personal perspective, I do not care if we include PL/Ruby. I don't use Ruby. I am a Python guy. However I know a lot of Ruby folk that use PostgreSQL. This would be a good way to improve the native Ruby support for PostgreSQL.


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