Peter Eisentraut wrote:
Am Montag, 24. Juli 2006 18:49 schrieb Alvaro Herrera:
Side question -- is it plRuby or PL/Ruby?  We should be consistent.  I
just noticed the top-level README file has all the wrong names -- what
is "pl/c" for starters?  Or plPgsql?  We've _never_ used those names.

I'm beginning to think that this is part of some obscure plot by Joshua Drake to confuse people.

I sincerely hope you are kidding.

I advise all committers not to take any documentation patches from him without careful scrutiny.

Gah... aren't you just all sour grapes. The README was reviewed by several people, in fact it went through two versions to the patches list.

Sorry that nobody caught it (including myself), but good lord it isn't that big of a deal.

Joshua D. Drake

I've fixed the README.


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