I wrote:
> I don't see where cwd enters into it.  The thing I don't understand is
> that the value of the make variable $(bindir) is apparently changing.
> How can it, when it's been hard-wired into Makefile.global by configure?

After some googling I gather that msys' make has been hacked to
transform paths between actual Windows paths and virtual paths
at what-they-think-are-strategic spots.  If this is correct, then
I think our problem is that the method I used to inject the values
of $(bindir) and friends into pg_regress.c ends up supplying actual
Windows paths, where we would much rather it supplied virtual paths.

An alternative method I had considered using was to have pg_regress.c
get the paths by #including pg_config_paths.h.  Can anyone say whether
pg_config_paths.h receives real or virtual paths when building under

                        regards, tom lane

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