We have just released an add-on to PostgreSQL supporting the GORDA
Architecture and Programming Interface (GAPI). This opens up support for
independent replication middleware, aimed at eager and multi-master
replication in clusters and WANs.

The implementation of the GAPI is achieved in two steps. First, a set of
patches to the PostgreSQL server and a plugin provide the necessary
functionality with minimal intrusion. Then the GAPI is exposed in a
standalone Java process.

Note that this is not yet a complete replication solution. Instead, we seek
feedback on exposed features, their rendering as Java interfaces, and their
implementation on PostgreSQL.

Downloads of source code and documentation are available at:


There you will soon find the same interface implemented on Apache Derby and
a replication suite based on group-communication.

We welcome the comments and suggestions of PostgreSQL hackers.

Best regards,

Alfranio Junior.

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