I'm picturing something like this:

1. Each person taking an item agrees to write at least one email each
week to -hackers detailing progress or lack of same on the item.

2. Should someone wish to relinquish a claim on a feature, there needs
to be some standard way to do a hand-off of whatever they've
done/found and announce that the feature is now available to others to

3. Should the person claiming the feature not communicate to -hackers
for some period--I'm thinking 3 weeks is about right--the item goes
back in the unclaimed pool with a message to -hackers saying that
that's what's happened.

What say?

I say that many people have been shouting on deaf ears about this topic for a long time and that I back an idea to change our incredibility inefficient policies on todo items.

We are like the last bastion of anarchy, refusing to except that we are in fact a recognized and important open source project that has responsibilities to its community.

Those responsibilities include better communication, feature tracking and milestones...

but alas... again the walls of the canyon echo until there was nothing but the sound of water and crickets.


Joshua D. rake



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