Bruce Momjian wrote:

I can assure you that individual developers were contacted about
completing their items for 8.2, to the extent that some developers got
upset at me because of my insistence.  If they were hired by PostgreSQL
companies and I had a relationship with their manager, their managers
were informed as well.
Jonah, who said the community wasn't clear it wanted his items
completed, was part of that group.  I see no need to mention the other
people I contacted.  Many of them completed their items, and Jonah
finished some of his items.

The fact is, the existing system worked as it should, though it is often
invisible.  We didn't get all the features we wanted, but that isn't
because the system isn't working.

Thank you Bruce. That is good to know. Maybe the invisibility has led me astray. I'll shut up now and see if I can actually get Enums and some other good stuff done by this time next year. With any luck I won't be quite as derailed as I was last cycle.

Also, I hope it's now clear at least that there are many people who want to see recursive queries.



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