Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> > The fact is, the existing system worked as it should, though it is often
> > invisible.  We didn't get all the features we wanted, but that isn't
> > because the system isn't working.
> Well that kind of comes back to my point of better communication. 
> Perhaps a lot of this discussion could have been avoided if the TODO had 
> been more... proactive?
> For example:
> Make postmater and postgres options distinct so the postmaster -o 
> option is no longer needed | PeterE | Confirmed for 8.2 | 07/20/06

We could do that, but once an item is done I don't see the point in
having the date and person's name.  You are right that is clearly a
different purpose from the TODO list, and if someone wants to track
that, it might help things.

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