The fact is, the existing system worked as it should, though it is often
invisible.  We didn't get all the features we wanted, but that isn't
because the system isn't working.

But it's exactly the invisibility of the process which people are complaining about. If the postgresql novice, it's darned near impossible to figure our who is working on feature X and what it's status or specification is. Your TODO just doesn't reflect current enough information.

We've had this dicussion, or one similar to it, each release for the past 3 releases. Obviously other people feel that there's an issue, even if *you* don't.

Also, the current nature of the system has a "bus-factor of 1"; that is, if you get hit by a bus NOBODY else has the information you have in your head (I seem to recall you harassing Marc about similar single-point-of-failure issues). We need a Bruce brain-dump to the web, even if someone else has to do the typing.


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