Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Jim Nasby wrote:
First, +1 on Josh B.'s point about trying out Trac, since it's already up and running. Josh D., can you just turn that on? (BTW, is trac linked off anywhere? I had to google to find it yesterday...)

I just noticed that the code repository on that Trac is broken in more
ways than I had realized.  For starters it doesn't seem to have the 8.1
branch or tags (apparently it's out of date).

It doesn't?

What are you looking at Alvaro?

Doesn't Trac have a CVS plugin?

No, like the rest of the world, Trac has moved on from CVS ;)

It will just cause confusion to have a
SVN repo that doesn't reflect reality

Well sure... but again... what are you looking at, because it looks fine to me?

And to be clear, I would only expect that this would be used as a reference, that is all. The ability to link from the wiki directly to a source file or changeset could be useful.


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