OK, with two people now concerned, patch reverted.


Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Tom Lane wrote:
> > I've always found it easier to review uncommitted patches than committed
> > ones anyway.  When you're playing catch-up by reviewing a committed
> > patch, you have to deal with three states of the code rather than two
> > (pre-patch, post-patch, your own mods).  That gets rapidly worse if the
> > patch has been in there awhile and other changes go in on top of it.
> > Plus, once other changes accumulate on top, it becomes extremely painful
> > to revert if the conclusion is that the patch is completely broken.
> > (A conclusion that I don't think is at all unlikely with respect to
> > this patch.)
> >
> >     
> >   
> Easy or not this strikes me as good policy. And nothing is urgent quite 
> yet - we still have another 18 days to the end of the month, which is 
> the stated deadline for getting patches reviewed and committed.
> cheers
> andrew
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