> These days I doubt there's anyone around the project who refuses to use
> a web browser at all.  However, I still personally find it much more
> convenient to read and respond to mailing-list postings than to have to
> go and visit random web pages to find out if there's something I need to
> know about.  So my current take on this would be that the bug tracker
> would have to have a reasonable "output" email capability, but I'd not
> necessarily insist on being able to "input" to it by mail.  Red Hat's
> present bugzilla system could be described that way --- and while I
> can't say I'm in love with it, I can deal with it.

Actually, if that's the only objection it's solved.  RT will now allow you to 
create, comment on, modify, and close bugs by e-mail.   And the RT team would 
be thrilled to have us using it, in theory enough to provide some setup help.
There's one thing that RT doesn't do by e-mail (can't remember offhand) but 
that's a TODO for them so it should be fixed soon.

So, if the only real requirement for a bug tracker is that we can handle it 
100% by e-mail, and integrate it with the pgsql-bugs list, that is possible.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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