Tom Lane wrote:
"Matthew T. O'Connor" <> writes:
While there is talk of removing this all together, I think it was also agreed that as long as these values are there, they should be reduced. I think the defaults in 8.1 are 1000/500, I think 200/100 was suggested.

ISTM that if we don't want to remove the thresholds immediately,
we should make them default to zero for a release or two and see how
well it works.

At the moment I can't find the thread that discussed removing them,
but IIRC there were some good arguments why the thresholds should always
be zero.

I don't have any significant objection to removing them, it just seemed to me that we are late in release cycle and that might be more than we want to do at the moment. If others think it's OK, then it's OK with me.

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