O.k. to recap:

OS: Win2k3 SP1
PostgreSQL: 8.1.2
Application Server: Jboss
Connection Pooler: C3PO
JDBC Version: 8.1.404, Also verified with 8.0.311


After 2/3 weeks, PostgreSQL will begin issuing the following message:

server sent data ("D" message) without prior row description ("T" message)

This message will present itself, if connection attempts are made from the Web Application (Java/JDBC), or locally via PgAdmin. Once the error message is received, all subsequent connection attempts will also result in that same message. We do not know if the error occurs before or after authentication.

The only known resolution is to reboot Windows. Using the service control panel to shutdown postgresql will fail once the message is received. It is unknown if using the task master to individually kill processes will work.


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