It sounds to me like we don't actually know that, because the client
doesn't know how to restart the postmaster without rebooting the OS.
(Josh says "pg_ctl stop" doesn't work in this state, which is a tad
interesting in itself, because that doesn't go through a connection
request.)  It would be useful to try killing off the postgres processes
via task manager and then see if a new postmaster can be started and if
things then behave normally, or if a reboot is truly needed.

Right, and I have asked that the next time this happens that they try and use the task manager to kill the process.

The bottom line here is that all we have so far are client-side
observations ("I get this message") and we have no clue what state
the postmaster thinks it's in.  We really need more information.

Yes, unfortunately there isn't much more to be had for another 2 weeks ;)


Joshua D. Drake

                        regards, tom lane


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