On Mon, 2 Oct 2006, Magnus Hagander wrote:

> > This appears to not work out well.  If I copy the generated
> > files from bison from a linux box, then they are ok, but if I
> > try to use ones generated using that version of bison, it
> > does not compile.  I'll look around for a different one.
> That's the onw I'm using. However, be sure to get version 1.875-4, and
> *not* version 2.1.

Oops, that was it.

> If you do "build solution" it should build all project sin the correct
> order - there are dependency references set between them that should
> take care of this automatically.

If I do build solution it tells me "Project not selected to build for this
solution configuration" for all projects, then 55 skipped at the end.

> > Do you have any idea how to get the environment to know where
> > windows.h is?  I even explicitly added the directory to the INCLUDE
> > environment variable, but it did not work.  I will try switching to
> > short paths in there in case it is an issue of paths with spaces.
> In my environment, that gets set when I start the Visual Studio command
> prompt - that's the whole point abou tusing the VS commandprompt and not
> a normal one. I think you get a question about integrating the Platform
> SDK with Visual studio when you install it - any chance you missed that
> one?

Well, it works in the gui, so I thought I got that integrated correctly.
One of the deals with the visual c express thing is that it does not come
with the headers and libraries and that you have to use the platform sdk

> > > I already have ActivePerl and ActivePython installed, so
> > those should
> > > work out.  I am not really concerned about krb5 and ldap,
> > so as long
> > > as commenting them out will disable them, that is good.
> You can safely leave LDAP in, because it uses only the builtin
> functionality in the OS and no external dependencies.
> //Magnus
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