> > Delete the DEF file and run the gendef command manually (see the 
> > project file for commandline, IIRC there are no parameters, 
> but just 
> > to be sure). I'm wondering if you're seeing the samre problem as 
> > Joachim Wieland (off-list conversation) where the output from 
> > dumpbin.exe goes to the console instead of the pipe in the 
> perl program...
> I was just checking this, I read the gendef script, and saw 
> it would short-circut if postgres.def existed, so I deleted 
> the file and ran a build in visual studio again and it 
> printed all kinds of dumpbin output into the visual stuio 
> output window, which I remember it did before.
> Since you have seen this before, what was the fix (or was there one)?

No fix yet :-( Haven't had the time to dig into it properly, but I think
we can now safely say it's not a local issue in Joachims build env :-)

If you just run a dumpbin command (the same way) manually with a ">foo",
does it redirect it properly then? Or is dumpbin for some reason not
writing on stdout?

It runs perfectly on two completely separate build envs I have here :-O

Could someone who knows perl a bit more than me take a look at that
script (src/tools/msvc/gendef.pl) and see if I'm doing something really
stupid there? May be that I'm "homesick" when looking at the code and
can't spot obvious things...

Also, could it possibly be perl version dependent? I'm on ActiveState
5.8.7 build 815.


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