On Tue, 3 Oct 2006, Magnus Hagander wrote:

> > > Looks like the gendef script is failing. Check the contents of
> > > release\postgres\postgres.def - it should have thousands of
> > symbols,
> > > but I'm willing to bet it's empty...
> >
> > It contains one word: "EXPORTS".  I assume this means it is
> > empty.  What should I do about it?  Is there something I can
> > check to see why this is failing?
> Yup.
> Delete the DEF file and run the gendef command manually (see the project
> file for commandline, IIRC there are no parameters, but just to be
> sure). I'm wondering if you're seeing the samre problem as Joachim
> Wieland (off-list conversation) where the output from dumpbin.exe goes
> to the console instead of the pipe in the perl program...

I was just checking this, I read the gendef script, and saw it would
short-circut if postgres.def existed, so I deleted the file and ran a
build in visual studio again and it printed all kinds of dumpbin output
into the visual stuio output window, which I remember it did before.
Since you have seen this before, what was the fix (or was there one)?

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