> > No fix yet :-( Haven't had the time to dig into it properly, but I 
> > think we can now safely say it's not a local issue in 
> Joachims build 
> > env :-)
> >
> > If you just run a dumpbin command (the same way) manually with a 
> > ">foo", does it redirect it properly then? Or is dumpbin for some 
> > reason not writing on stdout?
> >
> > It runs perfectly on two completely separate build envs I have here 
> > :-O
> Here's another interesting tidbit for you: if I run the 
> gendef.pl script by hand from the visual studio command 
> prompt thing (the one I can't compile from), it works fine.

Can you try having it run the dumpbin command into a tempfile, and then
open-and-read that tempfile, to see if that makes a difference?
(Assuming you know enough perl to do that, of course)


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