On Tue, 3 Oct 2006, Magnus Hagander wrote:

> No fix yet :-( Haven't had the time to dig into it properly, but I think
> we can now safely say it's not a local issue in Joachims build env :-)
> If you just run a dumpbin command (the same way) manually with a ">foo",
> does it redirect it properly then? Or is dumpbin for some reason not
> writing on stdout?
> It runs perfectly on two completely separate build envs I have here :-O

Here's another interesting tidbit for you: if I run the gendef.pl script
by hand from the visual studio command prompt thing (the one I can't
compile from), it works fine.

> Could someone who knows perl a bit more than me take a look at that
> script (src/tools/msvc/gendef.pl) and see if I'm doing something really
> stupid there? May be that I'm "homesick" when looking at the code and
> can't spot obvious things...
> Also, could it possibly be perl version dependent? I'm on ActiveState
> 5.8.7 build 815.

ActiveState 5.8.6 build 811 here...

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