> > I'm playing with GIN to make a full text search system. GIN comes with
> > built-in TEXT[] support and I use string_to_array() to make a
> > TEXT[]. Problem is, if there's large number of array elemets,
> > string_to_array() consumes too much memory. For example, to make ~70k
> > array elements, string_to_array seems to eat several Gig bytes of
> > memory. ~70k array elements means there are same number of words in a
> > document which is not too big in a large text IMO.
> Do you mean 70k unique lexemes? Ugh.

I'm testing how GIN scales.

> Why do not you use tsearch framework?

? I thought GIN is superior than tsearch2. 

>From your GIN proposal posted to pgsql-hackers:

"The primary goal of the Gin index is a scalable full text search in

What do you think?:-)
Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan

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