> > Porblem with Japanese is, it's an agglutinative language and we need
> > to separate each word from a sentence. So, I need to modify tsearch2
> > anyway (I know someone from Japan is working on this).
> https://www.oss.ecl.ntt.co.jp/tsearch2j/index.html
> That's it?

Yes. However I'm going to use different "word separation" library from
them and will make some tweaks.

> > BTW, can tsearch2 handle ~70k words in a document?
> I don't see any problem.

Great. I have made a little trial and it seems tsearch2 works great
with GIN.

> tsvector size should not be greater than 1Mb however.

Is this documented somewhere? Also I noticed that tsearch2 treats ":"
as a special character. Are there any special characters? If so where
are they documented?
Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan

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