On Thu, 9 Nov 2006, Tatsuo Ishii wrote:

Porblem with Japanese is, it's an agglutinative language and we need
to separate each word from a sentence. So, I need to modify tsearch2
anyway (I know someone from Japan is working on this).
That's it?

Yes. However I'm going to use different "word separation" library from
them and will make some tweaks.

BTW, can tsearch2 handle ~70k words in a document?

I don't see any problem.

Great. I have made a little trial and it seems tsearch2 works great
with GIN.

Tatsuo, ideallly, I'd like to have tsearch2 untouched, but with japanese parser(s) and dictionaries (program) available. This is how
tsearch2 was designed. If something prevent to do so, we should improve
tsearch2. This is important now, since we're going to build tsearch2 into
PostgreSQL core for 8.3.

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