I'm testing how GIN scales.

Have a look at http://www.sigaev.ru/cvsweb/cvsweb.cgi/ftsbench/ - utility is specially developed for measuring performance of full-text solutions ( now it supports PgSQL( GiST, GIN ) and MySQL ). Right now I'm searching good query statistic for simulate load, but this data is a closed information in internet-wide search engines :(

? I thought GIN is superior than tsearch2.
From your GIN proposal posted to pgsql-hackers:

"The primary goal of the Gin index is a scalable full text search in

GIN itself is a just a tool for speedup searches, linguistic part is still in tsearch2.

It's possible to use tsearch2 without any indexes at all. GiST and GIN is a way to speedup searches.

Of course, you can develop another framework for full text search and framework may use GIN as it wish :)

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