Simon Riggs wrote:

> I've written up a Warm Standby script as a .c program rather than
> scripts, to allow it to be portable and potentially shipped as part of
> PostgreSQL core.
Great! It'll make the DBA's work much easier, could help the adoption of
PITR (nowadays people thinks it's to complicate to code a script) and
help Win32 users.

> So far I've written this as a contrib module. Would people like to see
> this submitted to -patches, or should I make it available via PgFoundry
> Should this be reworked as an src/bin program? Or is the contrib module
> the best form for this in 8.3?
Please submit it to -patches. IMHO it should stay in src/bin because
it'll be part of a solution that is tightly integrated to core (PITR).

  Euler Taveira de Oliveira

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