Matt Miller wrote:
When I apply pgcluster-1.7.0rc1-patch to Postgres REL8_2_STABLE I get
a handful of rejects.

The patch applies to the 8.2.0 tarball  without rejects and without
fuzz. That's good.  Now on to some fun with pgcluster...

However, the patch will not apply to cvs branch REL8_2_0.  This all
raises the question: what's the difference between REL8_2_STABLE,
REL8_2_0, and the 8.2.0 tarball?

STABLE doesn't mean static. It's the branch for what will be the 8.1.x series. But REL8_2_0 should correspond pretty closely to the tarball, I believe. Until we see the rejects it's hard to tell what the problem is, though.



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